Monday, July 12, 2010

For those that give a fuck LOL

I deleted my old blog, yes, yes sad i know right? How tragic and horrible.
Not so much for pity as it is for the fact that EVERYTHING I SAID in the past blog is kinda fuckin irrelevant now, isn't it?

I've taken over a new leaf, i've turned to my old self, i've turned to the over protective father of Desi and Hiyori. Not to mention my Cady that i simply couldn't live without.

My girls, My world, I will not say this blog is dedicated to them, as the last time I did something like that I got shit on.   Even though, these 3 girls won't ever break my heart.  But I will say that this blog is dedicated to a new life, and 95% of my posts will be In Character from CrackDen Roleplay.

So for those easily offended? Don't watch.  Don't read.  My following posts will be my minds rendition of the actions that take place in my NEW life.

The following posts after this one are, as i said, dedicated to my RP character, and are in no way real, and are simply following a storyline put in place by both Cadence and I, in Hathian City.


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