Sunday, July 18, 2010


Too much has changed in a short period of time.
Ever realise you say stupid shit then wish you could take it back but can't?
I get that feeling alot

i've taken on a new appearance

M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold - my Man Idol
i've gotten gages in my ear, sacrificed my old piercings for ust my lip
and went to short hair
instead of long
what a difference O.O

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Life in a New City

My name, is Drayke.  I'm a 24 year old Med Student that's seeking his way in a new world, a new life.   My parents died last month in an automobile accident, after my alcoholic mother somehow managed to get behind the wheel while loaded and attempted to drive.  I got the call shortly after it happened, I was their only son.   Their death devestated me, my father once a great man... had fallen into himself after my mother's father had passed away, my grandfather.   Mom began to drink.. and drink and drink, to try and hide the pain she experienced.  She was closer to her father than anyone else, they had an un-breakable bond.   Her resort to alcoholism destroyed our once prim and proper family, and I eventually went my own way becoming a stoner hiding out in my friends apartments with them.   Trying to find my OWN ways of dulling the pain of losing my parents the way that I did.   After i'd received the call, it was another tidal wave of disaster moving it's way into my mind, and the only way I could escape it.  The only way I could be free of pain and start over with new memories, new friends, a new life, was to leave the city.

And so I did.

I ventured into Hathian, about a week ago now.   I applied at the hospital and am now an intern, learning my way in hopes to follow in my fathers footsteps in the medical field.  I want to be a psychiatrist, and help people like my mom, be the kind of person she didn't have while she battled through the illness that eventually caused her death.   Yes, I refer to Alcoholism as an illness, because it is.   

I hadn't gone out in the city much, but last night I decided to take the subway home instead of walking like I normally did.  Or catching a ride with a fellow doctor.  There were two girls waiting there as well when I finally came into the subway, beautiful girls, they looked like forbidden fruit to a guy like me... even though i'm not that old, they didn't look taht old either.

Conversation sparked, I forget how, as what hapened later in the evening totally tricked my mind into another wavelength.   And after a kind of sketch run in with Hathian PD, we decided it might be best to go and get some dinner.  I think this is the point where my lust for a younger woman turned more so into a "NEED" for her.   The taller one, the dark haired one.  Mmm, she was so beautiful, her dark skin called to me like a siren in the ocean, and oh how i would have waded out and drowned for her.   

We ate at some Japanese restaurant that Hiyori, her cousin, had recommended.  It was quieter, less people around than Gein burger or the local coffee shop, and something told me... less violence.  There had been alot of gang related crime happening around the city lately, I had read about it in the newspaper.   I was making it a point to avoid those trouble areas, but I was starting to think my new found spot of residence was a trouble area in itself.  So many drug addicts, rape, violence, it was everywhere.  Hiyori had to leave shortly after we finished eating, was something to do with whatever it was the girl did for work, I didn't get to know her
but it did leave me a chance to get to know her cousin... Cadence, her name was.   Miss Cadence Lopez, an 18 year old college freshman.  Her spanish accent was like angels having sex with my ears, as graphic as that is I hope you get the point.   There was something about this girl that made me want to do things, unbelievable things that i never imagined I would be capable of doing.

To avoid the bustle of the streets, even late, the addicts were out hoarding around gang related shops and in the streets, hiding behind buildings, sitting on fences, I.  Stupid me.  Decided it would be best to take her to my loft.  Nobody would get hurt there, and so we did.

I could tell she was looking at me the same way, with an unbridled hunger inside of her.   I'm sure for a university girl just starting out sleeping with a med school man, would be the highlight of the year.   But i didn't just want that from her, unfortunately I came about expressing that in the wrong way and I upset her.  She attempted to leave but I blocked the door.  I was starting to feel upset, dominant, protective, and I was refusing to let her go anywhere.  I wanted her there with me, to stay there, would that be kidnapping if she came with consent?  I didn't tie her up to bring her here, she came on own free will, so what if i were to keep her here? what would that be classified as? I had no intent to hurt her, she was so beautiful, I wanted to explore every part of her body with every part of mine.  

And that's when I kissed her, with such force that I was shocking myself and I could tell she was somewhat frightened of me too at this point, but I couldn't control it anymore.  I had to have her, ... and that's where the night ended

Day 1 in Hathian a general success met the woman that captivated me from the beginning, where iwll it go with us? who knows.  But i hope it's someplace good.

For those that give a fuck LOL

I deleted my old blog, yes, yes sad i know right? How tragic and horrible.
Not so much for pity as it is for the fact that EVERYTHING I SAID in the past blog is kinda fuckin irrelevant now, isn't it?

I've taken over a new leaf, i've turned to my old self, i've turned to the over protective father of Desi and Hiyori. Not to mention my Cady that i simply couldn't live without.

My girls, My world, I will not say this blog is dedicated to them, as the last time I did something like that I got shit on.   Even though, these 3 girls won't ever break my heart.  But I will say that this blog is dedicated to a new life, and 95% of my posts will be In Character from CrackDen Roleplay.

So for those easily offended? Don't watch.  Don't read.  My following posts will be my minds rendition of the actions that take place in my NEW life.

The following posts after this one are, as i said, dedicated to my RP character, and are in no way real, and are simply following a storyline put in place by both Cadence and I, in Hathian City.